A new house, a new school, a new town, and a new life...
We've all been there and all the changes and challenges of relocating can be daunting.  The Newcomer's Department of the Signal Mtn. Guild can help you feel at home.  Some of you may have moved here from other Tennessee counties.  Some may have come from other countries.  No matter how you came to be on Signal Mountain, we are happy to welcome you!

Newcomers offers many opportunities to aquaint women who are new to Signal Mountain with people, places and activities in the area.  Everyone in the Guild is also welcome to attend Newcomer activities such as Bunco, monthly bookclub and weekly lunches at area restaurants.  Various "seasoned" newcomers organize events and activities throughout the year.

The Newcomer's Dept. also sponsors welcome baskets to new families on Signal Mountain.  These can be obtained at Town Hall when you sign up for Signal Mountain services such as water and trash.

We are so happy you have found us and we invite you to join us.  If you would like to participate in any of our activities or would like more information, please
contact us.

See our page on Facebook at Signal Mountain Newcomers!